Darjeeling Spring

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Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea

Grown at the foothills of the Himalayas in the rolling hills of Darjeeling, this aromatic Spring Flush is one of our newest additions to the collection, and a real treat!

With an incredibly fresh aroma of muscat grape and delicate springtime florals, accompanied by a pleasant astringency on the tongue, we enjoy sipping on this pale amber-gold infusion as an afternoon refresher. The sweetness of white peach and floral notes dance on the palate, while the tannin structure keeps things exciting. Simply smelling the teapot lid as it brews brings us a smile - It lets us experience the magic of Darjeeling once again, no matter where we are. 

We stayed at the Makaibari tea gardens in May 2018. Read about our experience and why we love this tea in this blog post here

Finally, with its delicate profile and light infusion, Darjeeling 1st flush pushes the boundaries of black tea, representing an exciting learning opportunity for those diving into tea. In addition to hot-brewing, we love cold-brewing and serving this tea in champagne flutes.

Tea Specs

ORIGIN  Makaibari Estate, Darjeeling, India | First Organic Estate in Darjeeling

PICKED  March 2021

CRAFT  Picking, withering, rolling, oxidation, drying & sorting

NOTES Muscat Grape, Delicate Florals, Peach

BENEFITS Energy and focus


Brew Instructions

Teas in Darjeeling are brewed Western style and enjoyed pure (no milk or sugar). For first flush tea, we recommend brewing at 85°C until the liquor turns a pale gold. It also makes for a great cold brew on hot summer days. 

Western Brew (Mug / Teapot): 5g (1 Tbsp) | 350ml | 85°C | 2 min | + 1 min for additional brews | Can steep ~ 3 times 

*Check out our tea infuser or glass teapot for easy brewing 

Cold-Brew (Pitcher): 12g | 750ml | Room temp | 8 hours in fridge | Strain & Serve in champagne flutes. Top off with sparkling wine or club soda (optional). 

*Recommended with our cold-brew bottle

Farm Story

Famous for its title as the "Champagne of teas", Darjeeling is located in the West Bengal state of India and is praised for producing some of the world's finest teas. There are only 87 tea estates with the right to label their teas as "Darjeeling Tea", as decided by the Tea Board of India.

Founded in 1859 by the Banerjee family, Makaibari is one of the oldest tea gardens in Darjeeling. It became the first organic estate in Darjeeling over 40 years ago, pioneered by the revered Rajah Banerjee.

With 1100 acres of primary rainforest, over four hundred species of birds, and a plethora of wild animals and insects, Makaibari is one of the most biodiverse tea estates in Darjeeling. We visited in May 2018, and were amazed by the range of trees and insects we saw, providing a very healthy ecosystem for many species to thrive.  

The estate places strong value on its people and its community. During our stay there, we opted for a homestay with a local family of the tea gardens through a grassroots initiative organized by a local body known as Volunteer in Makaibari, where profits go directly to the families. We had such a fantastic time at Sundiya didi's home, while exploring the tea gardens, factory, village and nearby Kurseong town. It is a memory we cherish dearly. 

There is something truly magical about the Darjeeling hills, and we couldn't be happier to share this delightful spring flush with you. 


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