Cold Brew Tea Bottle

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Cold brewing tea just got easier. And sleeker. Created from the idea of enjoying cold brewed tea like wine, Hario designed this elegant tea bottle. The removable filter is fixed onto the spout, so you can pour without worrying about leaves spilling into your cup.

We absolutely love these cold brew bottles and know you will too. Simply add tea leaves into the bottle, fill with room temperature water, refrigerate overnight and serve directly from the bottle! The best way to enjoy tea on hot summer days.

You can cold-brew any tea or tisane, but our personal favorites include: 

Read more about cold-brewing here.

Or watch our Youtube video below to see it in action!


Hario brand

Made in Japan

Glass bottle with silicone rubber bottle spout and stopper (removable)

In-built polypropylene filter (removable)

Holds 750ml

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