Glass Fairness Jug

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When brewing tea, the gongdaobei or "fairness jug" is used as an intermediary vessal to distribute tea evenly, so that everyone gets a fair tasting experience. Think about when you brew tea in a teapot: The tea at the very bottom is the strongest, while the tea at the top is the lightest. The fairness jug provides an elegant solution to the problem. To use, brew tea in the gaiwan first, transfer directly into the fairness jug and then pour into the individual teacups.

We've chosen a glass fairness jug so that you can display the color of the liquor, enhancing the visual experience. At 250ml, it's a good size and pairs perfectly with our gaiwan. The thick, textured glass protects your fingers from heat, and gives the vessel a bit of character. 


Holds 250ml

Size: 9cm diameter (opening) x 10cm height x 4.6cm diameter (bottom)

Made from heat-resistant, textured glass

Produced in Hebei, China

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