Tea Picnic Basket

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A one-of-a-kind picnic basket designed specifically for tea enthusiasts. If you enjoy brewing tea outdoors with friends, here's our all-in-one solution. 

A three piece set, including:

  • Storage space for your teaware, tea leaves, tools & snacks
  • A tea brewing tray with drainage compartment and removable lid (known as a 茶盘 / cha pan)
  • A basket lid that doubles up as a tray for teacups

All three pieces are stacked together and carried as 1 basket. 

Handmade from bamboo by mountain communities in Zhejiang, China, preserving the traditional art of bamboo handicrafts. 

*Taking pre-orders until Oct 20. Will ship out by Oct 31.


Size: 28 L x 15 W x 30 H CM including handle. Box height excluding handle is 18cm.

Weight: 1.4kg

Handmade from bamboo, featuring a handle made from black bamboo

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