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In July 2019, we re-visited our White Peony producer in Fujian to catch a glimpse of their rare jasmine tea production. Done only once a year in the summer, when jasmine flowers bloom, the traditional scenting process is an exciting display of true craftsmanship. 

Delicate silver needles (white tea) are scented with seven batches of fresh jasmine flowers over a one month period by hand. Watch a video of this process in our latest blog post.

Handmade and all-natural, the resulting jasmine tea is exquisite. A heavenly aroma and gentle sweetness that lingers on the palette, our Silver Jasmine is delight for the senses. 

Included in this Tea Mail: 

1 x 25g pack of 2019 Jasmine white tea. Sourced directly from Longhe Tea Estate in Zhenghe, Fujian. Featuring our signature handmade labels.

A pressed flower bookmark, handmade using the very same jasmine flowers that have been used to scent your Silver Jasmine tea.

A postcard letter from Mona detailing her experience and story behind the tea.

*Only 30 spots available!* 

*Last day to order: Sep 18*

*Ship date: Sep 23*

Tea Specs

PICKED  March 2019  SCENTED  Aug 2019

ORIGIN  Zhenghe, Fujian, China

LEAF  Bud only | Silver Needle White Tea (baihao yinzhen)

CRAFT  Tender buds picked during onset of spring, naturally withered & sun-dried. Then scented with seven batches of fresh jasmine flowers over a one month period by hand.

NOTES  Soft, Floral, Cucumber, Melon, Soothing

BENEFITS The white hairs on the Silver Needle tea are packed with antioxidants that help keep the skin youthful 


Plantation Story

Led by Tea Master Yang, Longhe Tea Estate was created with the vision of bringing the traditional craft of white tea back to the Zhenghe region. Competing with the neighboring Fuding region, they produce some of Zhenghe's finest white teas and are committed to tea education. 

We stayed on this tea farm as a volunteer in June 2017 and March 2018, experiencing first-hand all the white tea processing steps: from picking and withering, to drying, sorting and even planting new seedlings. You can read about our experience in this blog post.

While mass-produced Jasmine tea uses green tea as a base, we've carefully selected a Jasmine tea made from a fine white tea. The gentle sweetness and premium quality of the Silver Needle translates into a very soft and delicate Jasmine tea, and an overall enhanced sensory experience. Try it for yourself and see if you can taste the difference!


Please note each bookmark is a unique, handmade piece, so the product you receive may differ slightly from the photo. 

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