Thailand Tea Mail Pre-Order

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Tea Mail Special!

After an absolutely incredible experience in the tea mountains of Northern Thailand, we have selected six of our favorite teas and are excited to share them with you.

You'll get a taste of the ancient wild tea trees grown in Doi Wawee, as well as the oolongs and black teas from Mae Salong's Taiwanese tea cultivars. A reflection of the kindness and beauty of the people there molded by a unique history - We hope you will love it. 

Included in this Tea Mail: 

  • 6 sample packs of tea (upto 10g each):
    • Red Oolong, Rice Oolong & Osmanthus Oolong from Mae Salong, Thailand - 101 Tea Plantation
    • Khiri Black tea from Mae Salong, Thailand - Wang Put Tan Tea Plantation
    • Gushu Sheng Pu'er from Doi Wawee, Thailand - Aran Tea
    • Gushu White tea from Doi Wawee, Thailand - Aran Tea
  • A postcard letter from Mona sharing her experience in Thailand and story behind each tea
  • A woven hanging ornament handmade by local artisans in Northern Thailand for the first 20 orders. Each piece is unique and ranges in color. 

Tea Mail Schedule:

Est. Ship date: Late June 2022*

Please see here for an up-to-date list of estimated delivery times to each country. 

*Please note this is an estimated timeline, we will do our best to ship out by end of June. Should anything change, we will let you know.

Pre-Order by May 18th:

Pre-order now at a discounted price of $32. After May 18th, the price will be $39. The first 20 orders will receive a woven hanging ornament handmade by Chiang Rai artisans. 

More tea details to come soon! In the meantime, please watch our live tasting sessions to learn more about each tea: 

Tasting Oolong teas from 101 Tea Plantation (Mae Salong)


Tasting Khiri Black tea from Wang Put Tan plantation


Tasting Doi Wawee Gushu Pu'er & White Tea