Winter Tea Mail

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Tea Mail Special! Limited time offering

There's nothing quite as satisfying on a cold winter day as a ripe pu'er - dark, rich and comforting - especially when looking to cleanse and reset the digestive system. If I'm under the weather, I always reach for my trusty tangerine peel white tea.

The light citrusy notes and warming undertones of shou mei white tea bring me an immediate sense of relief. I also love the mini press shape, which makes brewing super convenient.

Not only are both teas warming and tasty, but they are also traditionally believed to have medicinal benefits. Specifically, ripe pu'er is believed to aid digestion and improve gut health, due to its probiotic content. Tangerine peel is believed to help relieve cold symptoms.

I've sourced this well-made ripe pu'er cake from Mr. Ai in Zhanglang, maker of Yunnan Black and Bulang Gushu. The Tangerine white tea is from Longhe tea co. in Zhenghe, maker of White Peony.

Finally, persimmon is one of my favorite fruits during autumn and winter season. I found this adorable persimmon tea pet, which I hope you'll enjoy feeding and brewing alongside at the tea table :) 

Included in this Tea Mail: 

  • One 200g cake of Ripe Pu'er
  • 2 tangerine white tea pressed squares (4g each)
  • Persimmon tea pet, packed in a reusable pouch

I'm excited to share my winter favorites with you in this special tea mail!

Limited time offering: Order while supplies last!
Ships globally from Hong Kong. 



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