Spring 2021 Teas Have Arrived!

There's nothing more exciting in the world of tea than the arrival of fresh Spring teas! Tea plants benefit enormously from the winter rest period, building up lovely nutrients and flavors by the time Spring arrives. This results in some of the most tender and delicate teas of the year. 

This year I am extremely proud to bring you two new additions to the collection: Darjeeling Spring & Bulang Gushu; as well as the new harvest of White Peony.

Darjeeling Spring

The first is a light and delicate 1st flush Darjeeling black tea, with floral and muscat grape notes, fresh from the organic Makaibari tea estate where I visited through a homestay program back in 2018. Elegant and aromatic, the taste is a reflection of the lush, biodiverse landscapes of the Darjeeling mountains, as well as the heart of the people there. I love admiring the various colors in the leaves! Learn more here

Bulang Gushu

The second is a tea that I've really come to love: A raw pu'er made from ancient tea trees of Zhanglang village, Yunnan, made by the same family of Bulang heritage who make my Yunnan Black tea cakes. With a dried-fruit aroma, wild, forest notes, this tea is a reflection of the nature and ancient wisdoms of its origins. Learn more here

White Peony 2021

And finally, the much awaited White Peony has arrived! Tender, furry buds with sprouting leaves, this for me is the tea that really signals Spring. With each harvest the taste varies, and I find it to be a gentler and sweeter experience this year. Learn more here


Interested in trying these teas? Check out our new Spring 2021 tea lineup!


Which teas are you most excited about this Spring? Feel free to comment in the section below! 

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