Our Story

Handcrafted. Artisanal. Authentic. 

Founded by a Hong Kong-born tea enthusiast in 2019, Teawala is dedicated to sourcing authentic, loose leaf teas direct from the farm. Driven by a passion for adventure and tea, the founder spent 2018 volunteering on tea farms across Asia. She learned first-hand the art of making tea –  from picking and withering to frying, rolling and drying the leaves – and met some great tea producers along the way. By partnering with these farms, Teawala now gives you direct access to a curated selection of farm-fresh teas, while telling the story behind each creation. Let every sip transport you to the beautiful tea mountains of the East…


In Hindi a "wala" is a someone who does, makes or embodies something. A "Chaiwala" for example, is the person who makes and serves Chai. It is also used in my family name Jhunjhnuwala as we originate from the city of Jhunjhnu. I wanted to create a name that was simple yet conveyed my love for tea and Asian heritage. Hence Teawala!