Tea Journaling with Pu'er

This weekend I took a moment to brew and taste tea while taking notes in my tasting journal. This is something I practice on a regular basis, and recommend for anyone looking to develop their taste palate.

I recently received a fresh batch of gushu pu'er from a tea maker in Yunnan and took the opportunity to record my taste observations. By taking in the tea through my senses - sight, smell, taste - I felt a deeper connection, and I also discovered some new flavors and sensations, which I will dive into below! 

My Tasting Notes

Tea Name: Bulang Gushu

Tea Type: Sheng (Raw) Pu'er

Origin: Zhanglang, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Harvest: March 2021

Brew method: Gaiwan, 8g, 150ml, 98 degrees C, 10 sec infusions + 3 secs for additional brews. Total 15 brews. 

Dry leaf aroma: Dried mango and apricot jam. Very tropical fruity, with a sweet-sour and citrusy element.

Liquor: Pale gold infusion, crystal-clear with floating white hairs/trichomes. 

Wet leaf smell: Woodsy - like walking through a forest

Taste: Fresh cut bamboo, sugarcane, mango & apricot. Pleasant bitterness felt on the tongue, followed by a sweet aftertaste. 

Body: Light to medium. 1st infusion has a creamy mouthfeel, afterwards, crisp.

Aftertaste: Cooling on the palate, yet warming on the chest. Smooth on the throat and causes salivation. Long lasting sweetness / huigan.   

Other Notes: 

We also discussed the effect on mood brought by this tea, potential food pairings, and did some leaf drawings together. 

Watch the journaling video here


I really love this tea - Each time I drink it, my appreciation grows. This session really helped me focus in on the sensations of the tea on both my palate and body. Logging it into the journal allowed me to reflect on a deeper level, and I also really enjoyed the process! If you watch the video, you might notice my very relaxed demeanor - that has everything to do with the effects of the pu'er and also the journaling practice itself. Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy another tea journaling session with you soon! 


If you're interested in trying this tea, check back in a couple weeks for Bulang Gushu!

If you'd like a tool for documenting your tea explorations, check out our Tea Tasting Journal

Final Thoughts

Do you like taking notes while tasting tea? Have you found it helpful for your tea explorations? 

As always, feel free to comment in the section below! 

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