The Teawala Journey

A video to show you my personal journey through tea and the inspirations behind Teawala 

Every tea lover goes through their own unique tea journey. This is when tea becomes more than just a beverage, and takes you on an unstoppable journey of learning and exploration.

Mine began in 2013 when I worked at a craft tea company, opening my eyes to the world of tea. It was then elevated in 2018 when I followed my passion for tea, thirst for adventure, and love for connecting with people by volunteering at a white tea farm in Fujian.

It was at this farm that I first got to experience the art of making tea with my very own hands. From plucking and withering tea leaves to charcoal drying and cupping the finished product, I realized just how much of a craft it truly is.

This newfound appreciation inspired me to launch Teawala. By working directly with the farms and producers who kindly took me in and showed me their tea making traditions, I am now able to share all my favorite teas with you, while celebrating the craftsmanship that goes into every cup.

Video Credits

Filmed and edited by Linda Cheung at Longhe tea farm in Zhenghe, Fujian (the producer of our White Peony)

Song: Morning Lights - Niwel


What sparked your interest in tea? Would love to hear about your individual tea journeys too! Please share your stories in the comments below ♥

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