Tea Infuser

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Designed to make your loose leaf brewing both stylish and convenient, this tea infuser provides an elegant solution for those who are new to the world of loose leaf. Featuring a sliding door and chamber to fit the tea leaves surrounded by fine holes for filtration, this is the best tea strainer we've found to date.

Simply slide the door open, scoop the tea leaves, slide the door closed, place the infuser directly into your mug, and steep in hot water. Once the tea is ready, remove the infuser and enjoy! For multiple steeps, place the strainer back into your mug and steep in hot water again.

Ideal for office and home brewing. A sustainable way to enjoy tea for one. 

We recommend this infuser for brewing our smaller leaf teas, such as Ceylon Highlands & Hand-cut Lemongrass. For larger-leaf oolongs that need more room to unfurl, check out our glass infuser mugs


304 stainless steel (food-grade)

Size: 14.5cm height x 3cm diameter


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