Siam Silver

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*New Spring 2024 harvest has arrived!*
Thai Ancient Gu Shu White Tea

The first white tea that has blown us away in a while, Siam Silver is the Thai Ancient Assamica gem we’ve been eagerly waiting for.  

Handpicked from ancient tea trees deep in the forests of northern Thailand early spring each year, the leaf yields a high degree of complexity and flavor. After having tried several Assamica white teas on our trips to Yunnan and Thailand, we sat at the tea table in Doi Wawee village one day with the very humble tea maker P’ Ammi and were floored by her white tea.

We were drawn in by the tea's green appearance and thick silver tips, as well as its cedar woody dry aroma. Once brewed, the tea displays wonderfully fresh grassy notes of pine needle, lotus leaves, and raw sugarcane, and a cooling feel on the tongue, accompanied by a calming energy that is characteristic of ancient tea trees. The first time we tried it, we had a hard time describing it in words! We recommend brewing this tea gongfu style, but it also tastes phenomenal cold-brewed, with the sweeter, more vegetal sides coming forward. 

P’ Ammi is the first female tea maker we’ve had the joy of working with. In an industry that is largely male-dominated, we are so happy and proud to know her. She impressed us from the moment we met: A Thai dance teacher by trade, P’ Ammi moved to Doi Wawee village after marrying a Yunnan-Thai pu’er maker. With a curious spirit and interest in white tea, she taught herself how to make white tea from their ancient tea trees, mastering the craft in no time. We think the art and precision of Thai dance helped her become a great tea maker. She recently won a grand gold award for this very tea.

During our trip, we had the privilege of participating in her Thai dance class and had so much fun. For the label illustration, we wanted to honor her lifelong love for dance and newfound love for tea, so we drew traditional Thai dance hands plucking tea leaves. We hope you love it!

(Also, if you’re intrigued by this power tea couple, try her husband’s pu’er, Wawee Gushu!)

Tea Specs

PICKED  April 2024

ORIGIN  Aran Tea, Doi Wawee, Thailand

LEAF  Thai Assamica large leaf varietal | Gu Shu (ancient tea trees 400+years old) | 1 bud 2 leaves (White Peony picking)

CRAFT  Tender buds picked during the onset of spring, naturally withered & sun-dried

NOTES  Lotus, Sugarcane, Cedar, Pine Needle


Brew Instructions

We recommend brewing this tea in a Gaiwan, to showcase the different layers and nuances. We also recommend cold-brewing it!

Gongfu Brew (Gaiwan): 4g | 150ml | 85°C | 1 min | +10 secs for additional brews | Can steep ~ 5 times

Western Brew (Mug / Teapot): 4g (1.5 tbsp) | 350ml | 85°C | 3 min | + 1 min for additional brews | Can steep ~ 3 times

Cold-Brew (Pitcher): 12g | 750ml | Room temp | 8 hours in fridge | Strain & serve in champagne flutes to enhance the aroma. 

Tasting Siam Silver tea from Thailand


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