Uji Matcha

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Japanese (Uji) Matcha - First Flush

100g per bag.

We've been stocking this matcha for our wholesale customers and matcha-obsessed friends for years, and we're excited to finally make it available to you online!

Sourced directly from a third-generation tea maker in Uji, Kyoto, whom we visited in 2016, we selected this particular matcha for its freshness, quality, vibrance and versatility. It's earthy yet sweet, energizing yet comforting - truly one of the best ways to start the morning. Its great both on its own and in lattes. 

For a refreshing and tangy twist on traditional matcha, try our Matcha lemonade recipe!

Warning: Incredibly addicting. Order at your own risk ;)

Tea Specs

ORIGIN  Uji, Kyoto, Japan | Traditional stone mill

LEAF  1st flush Tencha | Shade-grown

CRAFT  Shade-grown, picked, steamed, dried & stone-milled into powder

NOTES  Earthy, Grassy, Refreshing, Sweet Aftertaste


Brew Instructions

We recommend whisking with a traditional bamboo whisk (chasen), but a hand-held frother also works. You can even prepare iced matcha with a lidded mason jar or cocktail shaker!

If you have a whisk:

Whisk (bowl): 2g (1 tsp) | 80ml | 85°C | Sift powder into a bowl. Add 85°C water and whisk vigorously for 20-30sec until smooth and frothy.

If you don't have a whisk:

Same as above but substitute whisk for a hand held electric frother, or ice-brew with a mason jar / cocktail shaker (read below)!

Ice-Brew (Lidded mason jar or cocktail shaker): 2g (1tsp) | 300ml cold water | 5-6 ice cubes | Close lid and shake in mason jar or cocktail shaker for 10-20sec until dissolved and foamy.

Pairing (optional): A sweet confection, like mochi!

Storage: Once opened, we recommend keeping matcha in the fridge.

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