Mastering the Craft: Jasmine Tea

All around the world Jasmine tea is a beloved beverage. With a subtle sweetness and beautiful fragrance, it is one of China's most famous teas. But how is it produced?

We went behind-the-scenes to our partner producer in Zhenghe, Fujian, to find out the traditional scenting process behind their exquisite Jasmine tea and capture its beauty. Made from Silver Needle white tea and fresh Jasmine blossoms, their Jasmine Silver Needle is a true sensory experience.

The Scenting Process

Every summer, Jasmine flowers are harvested and brought in for tea scenting. A heavenly aroma...

Step 1: Preparing the flowers for optimum scenting

- Turning Over the Flowers (翻花 fanhua)

Done every few hours. Allows the flowers to naturally open.

- Sorting & Sifting (拣花 jianhua)

Handpick out any wilted flowers. Sift flowers through bamboo filters.

Step 2: Bring in the tea - Silver Needle 白毫银针 baihao yinzhen (premium white tea). 

Tender, young buds picked at the onset of Spring. Covered by white fur, packed with nutrients.

Step 3: Hand-blending (混合 hunhe)

Blend the tea and flowers together by hand. Layer the top with tea to shield the flower aroma.

Step 4: Keep tea and flowers together overnight for scent absorption

The tea leaves will naturally absorb the jasmine scent over time.

Step 5: Separation (筛花 shaihua)

The master patiently sifts tea through bamboo filters. The scented tea is kept, flowers disposed.

Step 6: Repeat 7 times over 14 days!

Repeat 7 times, each time using a new batch of fresh jasmine flowers. Takes 14 days until the tea is scented to perfection. 

The outcome... A truly divine Jasmine tea, created with devotion, care and patience.

Watch the needles stand on end as the fragrance of pure, fresh jasmine fills your lungs. One sip and you’ll immediately feel a sense of calm. 


Video by: Teawala & Linda Cheung

Filmed at Longhe Tea Co in July 2019

Music: "Lotus Lane" by The Loyalist

Interested in trying this tea?

The most fragrant and delicate Jasmine tea we've come across to date, you can order this tea here: Silver Jasmine.

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