My Top 3 Picks for November

November is my favorite month of the year. It's time for cozy vibes and Autumn feels.

It also holds a special place in my heart as it's my birthday month (yay!). Plus, sweater weather is perfect for enjoying tea.

This month I'm gravitating towards warming, nutty, roasted oolongs, as I bundle up at home in socks and a blanket.

Here are my top 3 November picks:

1. Red Oolong

One of the newest teas from my trip to Thailand, Red Oolong has become a daily favorite.

Why I love it

It is berry-sweet, yet warming and nutty, with a satisfyingly smooth body and syrupy honeyed mouthfeel. And a very long lasting sweetness. Just so multi-dimensional and comforting.

What I'd pair it with

This tea goes fabulously with toasted nuts -  pecans, walnuts. The light roast on this oolong and honey aroma pair perfectly with nuts, and the crunch adds a nice texture.

Try Red Oolong

2. Rice Oolong

This is a very special blend of the sticky rice herb and oolong tea, grown and made in Thailand. Oh my word, I crave this whenever it rains! Something about the sticky rice aroma just keeps me coming back. 

Why I love it

The warming sticky rice aroma reminds me of pandan, which is one of my favorite herbs, and tapioca. If you grew up eating south east Asian desserts, or you are a fan of boba, you will love this tea. The creamy texture, warmth and herbal aroma is a treat! So calming. 

What I'd pair it with

It goes really well with warm coconut desserts and milk chocolate.

Try Rice Oolong

3. Dark Roast Tieguanyin

A classic. Hailing from Anxi, Fujian, the birthplace of Tieguanyin, this tea is made from the heirloom cultivar, Hongxin, and boasts beautiful reddish-purple leaves.

Why I love it

Heading into the winter it's my favorite tea every year. The roast is felt, yet it is still gentle enough to allow the baked-fruity notes to shine without overwhelming the tea. It's got the strength I sometimes need, and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. So satisfying.

What I'd pair it with

This tea is strong enough to balance with baked goodies. Think apple crumble, peach cobbler, pecan pie. I love the combo of baked crust and fruity fillings with this tea.

Try Dark Roast Tieguanyin

Watch the three teas in action in this video:


I can't stop eating Carrot cake!!! And honestly anything with ginger in it. 


How about you? What teas are you drinking and what snacks/pastries are you reaching for? 

Happy November! Feel free to comment below.  

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