Tea Tasting Journal

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One of the best ways to train your tea taste buds is by taking notes.

That's why we designed our own tasting sheet for our online students to fill out while tasting tea. By popular demand, we've compiled our templates into a full-blown Tea Tasting Journal!

Try it alongside your own tea collection, or with our Starter Tea Sampler & Online Course for the full experience.

What's in the journal? 

Suitable for tasters of all levels, our tasting sheets feature: The 8 important aspects used by professional tea tasters, space for drawing/recording tea leaves, liquor color spectrum, basic flavor wheel, and more. You can view the template in the image below.

Journal specifications

  • B5 Size (18.5 x 26 cm)
  • Hardback cover
  • 70 double-sided pages
  • Space for 120 tea entries 
  • Flavor word bank & sample journal inserts for reference

See it in action

Journal Reviews

Anna Mariani from The Tea Squirrel shared her experience with our tasting journal and teas in her blog here!

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