Red Oolong

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Thai Red Oolong Tea

One of the sweetest, fruitiest, most comforting oolongs we’ve come across, this Red Oolong from Thailand has easily become a daily favorite.

With a beautiful dry leaf aroma of strawberry jam, honey and lightly roasted nuts, followed by an emergence of freshly-baked pastries and deeper berry notes like a warm cherry pie in the oven, Red Oolong is a crowd-pleaser for both beginners and gongfu enthusiasts.

Displaying a syrupy honeyed mouthfeel, berry fruity aromatics, and a comforting nuttiness, there is so much to love (we wish we could make a jam out of it and spread it onto toast!). 

The craft of this tea showcases the best of Mae Salong terroir – the honey or “mi xiang” aroma, as well as a soft, mellow feel. Drawing upon a longer oxidation for more black tea characteristics, this is the Thai take on Taiwan's Red Oolong tea, producing a softer and more honeyed cup.

Grown in the mountainous region of Mae Salong, 101 tea is one of Thailand’s most esteemed tea makers, located just underneath the serene tea village. With a beautiful, pristine factory and tasting room that has seen many tea enthusiasts passing through over the decades, we’ve paid tribute to their space with our illustration of the Chinese wall hanging and rattan chairs featured in the tasting room – A perfect blend of Taiwan, Yunnan and Thailand, representing the origins and influences behind this treasure.

In addition to the hot brew, this is one of our all time favorite cold-brews! Drawing the sweet fruity notes out, it is an absolute delight on its own and also makes a great base for tea drinks and cocktails (see our Ool’d Fashioned tea cocktail recipe). Because of its complexity, it is great for any season: Fall and Winter, for its more warm, nutty and comforting elements; Spring and summer for its refreshing sweetness and berry aromatics. We hope you'll love it as much as we do!

Tea Specs

PICKED  Feb 2022

ORIGIN  101 Tea, Mae Salong, Thailand | 1000m Elevation

LEAF  Jinxuan Cultivar | 1 half open bud & 2-3 leaves

CRAFT  Picked, withered, tossed, fried, ball-rolled & roasted

NOTES  Strawberry Jam, Honey, Toasted Nuts


Brew Instructions

We recommend brewing in a Gaiwan for this tea, but it can also be enjoyed Western style. We also highly recommend cold-brewing it.

Gongfu Brew (Gaiwan): 5g | 150ml | 95°C | 30 sec | +5 sec for additional brews | Can steep ~ 5 times

Western Brew (Mug / Teapot): 5g (1 tsp) | 350ml | 95°C | 2 min | + 1 min for additional brews | Can steep ~ 3 times

Cold-Brew (Pitcher): 12g | 750ml | Room temp | 8 hours in fridge | Strain & serve

Tasting Red Oolong from 101 Tea Plantation (Mae Salong)


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