Virtual Tea Tasting for Your Next Socially Distanced Get-Together

With the new normal brought on by the pandemic, many of us have been craving social interaction. Tea drinkers may miss gathering with friends over tea - I know I certainly have. Thankfully, new possibilities have allowed us to recreate the teahouse experience and bring it to you.

With this in mind, I'm super excited to share the launch of our Virtual Tea Tastings. I've been unofficially hosting them for friends abroad - for birthdays and Christmas celebrations - and they've been a blast. Creating a space for loved ones to get together over tea, while sharing the stories behind each cup has been an absolute joy. And I'm really excited to now invite you to explore the possibility too.

What is a Virtual Tasting?

Share a virtual cup of tea with friends.

Enjoyed in the comfort of your own home at a time that works for you, our virtual tea tasting is perfect for your next socially distanced get-together. In a 1.5 hour-long experience held over Zoom, we will brew and taste a selection of our farm-sourced teas that are included with the tasting and mailed to you in advance, transport you to their origins, answer your tea questions, and guide you through brewing techniques using the teaware you have at home.

Here's a virtual tasting we held in November to celebrate a 60th birthday!

What's included

A Starter Tea Sampler (including 6 tea samples) for each participant

A 1.5 hour online tasting experience led by Mona, where 3 pre-selected teas will be brewed

Printable tasting materials

How it works

1. Order a tasting online, and receive tea in the mail.

2. Select the 3 teas you would like to taste, and schedule a tasting date & time with us.

3. Receive and prepare the tasting materials. 

4. Taste together via Zoom!


What will I need?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tea drinker, we are excited to guide you through our teas! For the tasting you will need: Drinking water, a teapot or mug with tea strainer/infuser, and a kettle.

Can you ship the teas to multiple cities?

Absolutely. Tea tasting is a wonderful way to re-connect with friends in different cities or countries, and we encourage it.

How long is the tasting?

1.5 hours, held over Zoom. 

Which teas will we get to taste?

You will get to choose 3 teas from our Starter Tea Sampler, which includes six teas & tisanes from our personally sourced collection, spanning tea regions in China, Taiwan & Sri Lanka.

Who will lead the tasting?

Mona, founder of Teawala, who has visited each farm and sourced her favorites, will be leading the session and guiding you through the teas and their stories :)

When is the earliest I can schedule a tea tasting?

It depends on where you are located and how fast the tasting materials can arrive to you. In general we would recommend allowing for 1 month between your order and the tasting, but for those who are rushing for a particular date, we have an expedited shipping option at an additional fee.

Can we do this as a corporate team building activity?

Yes! Tasting tea is the perfect socially-distanced team activity to bring your team members closer together. 


Check out the tasting page for additional information and bookings, or send us an inquiry here


Do you have any thoughts or questions you'd like to ask? Feel free to share below!  

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